A long drive for a fundamental right

A vehicle for support

Abortion Bus is a "game" that takes 23 hours to complete, based on the very real 23-hour round trip drive that some pregnant South Texans have to make to get an abortion. Its primary function is as a fundraiser tool for abortion funds.

Who we're helping

We’re raising money for Fund Texas Choice, a nonprofit that helps Texans travel to other states for safe and confidential abortions. With Roe v. Wade overturned and TX Senate Bill 8 (SB8) passed, some pregnant Texans have to scrape thousands of dollars to travel hundreds of miles to get to an abortion appointment. Not to mention taking time off work, arranging childcare and figuring out transportation.

Supporting Texans

Inspired by both Desert Bus and the amazing subsequent fundraiser Desert Bus for Hope, we hope to make a similar impact and raise as much money for pregnant Texans looking for help. Because abortions should be legal. Period.

About Fund Texas Choice

Fund Texas Choice helps Texans equitably access abortion through safe, confidential, and comprehensive travel services and practical support.

FTC was founded in 2013 in response to the passage of Texas House Bill 2 that shuttered over half of the state’s abortion clinics, imposing long wait-times on abortion patients and forcing them to travel long distances for care. Their financial assistance program includes flights, bus and train tickets, rental cars, gas reimbursement, and rideshare costs. They also pay for hotel accommodations, food, and other necessities such as medicine and sanitary supplies.


How can I help?

Vote. In addition to that, donate to Fund Texas Choice or one of the many other abortion funds out there. Donate early and often.

Can I run my own fundraising stream?

We'd love to give you a copy of the game to run your own fundraiser. Reach out to us at streamabortionbus@gmail.com.

Why Fund Texas Choice?

Fund Texas Choice is an organization whose main goal is to support the cause we're highlighting: getting people in Texas who want abortions the travel they need.

Who made this?

We're a group of individuals who want to see safe abortion access for everyone, everywhere.